Industry Certification In Contract Management – Defense

What is the ICCM–D?

The Industry Certification in Contract Management – Defense (ICCM–D) is a certification awarded by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) that parallels the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certifications in contracting. The formal education, experience, and specialized training required are the same for the ICCM–D and for DAWIA.

What is the level of education required to become certified?

A bachelor’s degree in any field of study and at least 24 semester hours among these topic areas: accounting, law, business, finance, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management.

 Who is eligible to apply for the ICCM–D certification?

The ICCM-Defense certification requirements mirror those of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Certification in Contracting for each level (I, II, or III). While DAWIA certification is limited to the civilian and military workforces of the various Department of Defense agencies only, the ICCM-D is available to private sector and non-federal public sector employees who meet all the education, experience, and training prerequisites for the level of certification sought.

Eligibility for the ICCM-D (Level I, II, & III) requires candidates to have and complete the following:

Education (All Levels):

Bachelor’s degree conferred or approved by an accredited U.S. college or university based on a 4-year course of study AND at least 24 semester hours among these topics areas:

Accounting, Law, Business, Finance, Contracts, Purchasing, Economics, Industrial Management, Marketing, Quantitative Methods, or Organization and Management.

Work Experience:

1 Year of contracting work experience.

Completion of Coursework:

  • CON 090 – Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Fundamentals (R)
  • CON 100 – Shaping Smart Business Arrangements
  • CON 121 – Contract Planning
    CON 124 – Contract Execution
  • CON 127 – Contract Management
  • CON 170 – Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis (R)
  • CLC 025 – Small Business Program for Contracting Officers
  • CLC 033 – Contract Format and Structure for DoD e-Business Environment
  • CLC 057 – Performance Based Payments and Value of Cash Flow
  • CLC 058 – Introduction to Contract Pricing

Work Experience:

2 Years of contracting work experience

Completion of Coursework:

  • ACQ 101 – Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management
  • CON 200 – Business Decisions for Contracting
  • CON 216 – Legal Considerations in Contracting
  • CON 270 – Intermediate Cost and Price Analysis (R)
  • CON 280 – Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts (R)
  • CON 290 – Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment (R)
  • CLC 051 – Managing Government Property in the Possession of Contractors
  • CLC 056 – Analyzing Contract Costs
  • HBS 428 – Negotiating


Steps to Certification:

  1. Complete application
  2. Pay fee and send to NCMA with supporting documents
  3. NCMA reviews application in 15 business days
  4. NCMA sends ICCM Certificate and letter

NCMA Pricing for Certification Programs

Nonrefundable Application Fees:

  • ICCM-D Certification: $299 Members ($475 Nonmembers – includes one year complimentary membership)
  • ICCM-F Certification: $299 Members ($475 Nonmembers – includes one year complimentary membership)

Renewal Fees:

  • ICCM-D Renewal: $50 Members & $100 Nonmembers
  • ICCM-F Renewal: $50 Members & $100 Nonmembers

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