NCMA Boston Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to become more involved with the NCMA Boston Chapter in addition to attending Chapter meetings and events.  Behind the scenes of each of our Chapter programs and initiatives is a dedicated team of volunteers.  Please let us know how you would like to volunteer to help the Boston Chapter and become more involved in NCMA.  The information you provide will assist us in placing you in an appropriate volunteer opportunity that will match your skills and interests.  We look forward to working with you!

Below are the Chapter committees that need volunteers:

Advancing Professionals Committee – Serve as a mentor to one or more of the Chapter’s Advancing Professionals and/or help plan a future Advancing Professionals event.  See the Advancing Professionals page for more information about this program. Co-Vice Presidents: Don Allen & Stephanie Keele

Audit Committee – Work with senior chapter officers and board members to ensure Boston Chapter financial transactions are conducted appropriately and with openness and transparency. Committee Lead:  Paula Handrahan

IT Support Committee –Work with IT committee chair to ensure the Chapter’s website content is updated in a timely manner. Help manage the chapter’s email communications and social media (Facebook & LinkedIn) presence.  Assist other committees/officers with email and event setup, registration and reconciliation. Vice PresidentMaryAnn B. Pinto

Social Committee – Work with Facebook and Linkedin. Vice President  Robert Budlong

Women’s Forum Committee – Work with the Women’s Forum committee chairperson to plan an annual Women’s Forum event.  This entails venue and speaker selection, detail planning, designing the marketing strategy and managing all other details associated with executing a successful Women’s Forum. Co-Vice PresidentBunnie Pasternak 

Membership Committee – Work with Co-VPs of Membership to design and execute a strategy that results in a year-over-year increase in the quantity of – and value to – chapter members. Tasks include: recruit prospective members, retain current members, and help the Chapter achieve steady growth over the course of the Program Year. Co-Vice Presidents: Bonnie Vanzler & Paul Leuchte

Administration Committee – The VP of this committee provides administrative support to the Chapter President and Board of Directors throughout the Program Year.  Types of activities range from planning BoD meetings and events to printing and organizing handouts.  The Administration committee is really the glue that helps hold the chapter together.  Vice President: Andrew Deardorff 

Programs Committee – Work with VP of Programs to design, plan and execute a series of monthly meetings/events throughout the program year on topics relevant to the contracting community. The Boston Chapter Programs Committee puts on a range of insightful and impactful seminars every year – be a part of that! Co-Vice Presidents: Angela Bragg & Taona Enriquez

Education Committee – Volunteer to work with the Co-VPs of Certification & Training to help contracting professionals further their professional development through educational opportunities and certification programs.  Volunteer to lead a certification study group, mentor someone seeking certification or teach a seminar or help out in another way. Vice President:  Laurie Emken

March Workshop Committee – Become part of the team responsible for the region’s premier annual educational event for contracting professionals: the annual March Workshop.  This committee is responsible for brainstorming, designing, coordinating and executing the day-long training and networking event that is the March Workshop.  This includes planning the agenda, preparing materials for distribution, and assisting with miscellaneous tasks on the day of the event.  Folks who have attended in years past know the value of this day of training.  New members are encouraged to join this team and meet the rest of the chapter officers, directors and committee leads as we all work together to execute our signature event. Co-Vice President:  Sheralyn Fallon and Chris Mikaelian

Finance/Treasurer – Work with a group of folks tasked with managing the Chapter’s financial resources in a prudent and transparent manner.  This committee works closely with the Chapter President and Board of Directors to help develop budgets, monitor expenses and provide financial reporting to the local Chapter and National-level leadership.  Treasurer: Tom Forbush.

You can also help out by:

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